• Delicious and nutritious foods, made in the finest Lebanese tradition.

  • Who knew eating healthy could taste so good?

  • Shab's makes hosting the perfect party almost too easy!

"Mediterranean diet prevents cardiovascular disease, cancer; reduces the risk of dying from heart attack, stroke."

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Shab's food will captivate you!

  • We are convinced that if more people knew about our food, particularly how delicious and nutritious that it is, they would be completely captivated. Try Shab's and see for yourself!
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Shehab Saba
Shab's Grill and Pita Strollers
“Like my ancestors, the enterprising Phoenicians, I am a one-man missionary of civilizations, bringing Eastern Mediterranean products and culture to people and places craving something rich and rare. You will be captivated by our foods.”

Shab's Food Is Delicious and Nutritious!

Shab’s specializes in amazingly succulent foods, in the finest Lebanese tradition. From pitas and gyros to falafels, lentil soup and Mediterranean salad, Shab’s offers a wonderful variety of ethnic foods, sure to delight any appetite. You’ll love our extravagant use of the highest-quality meats, freshest vegetables and most flavorful herbs and spices. And, not only does Shab’s food taste great, it’s also extremely good for you! What other restaurant has 35 items on its menu that have 300 or fewer calories? Plus, Shab’s offers many delicious choices if you are trying to minimize fat, cholesterol or sodium in your diet. Every day, Shab’s prepares many heart-healthy, high-fiber and vegetarian options as well as protein-rich, low-carb foods.

Eat Shab's for a Balanced Lifestyle.

In 2010, the USDA and HHS issued Dietary Guidelines for what they called: “A balanced diet,” one that is low in calories, fat, and cholesterol. Most of Shab’s food is nutrient-dense, containing no cholesterol, added sugars or salt. All oils used are high in mono- and poly-unsaturated (good) fats and low in saturated (bad) fats. So, not only does Shab’s food taste great, it’s also extremely good for you! We offer many beneficial menu options: heart-healthy, high-fiber, vegetarian, protein-rich, low-carb, low calories. Shab's is the key to a balanced diet.

So, what Is a Pita Stroller?

strollers Pita Strollers are wraps in all-natural pita bread that you can eat while you walk! Strollers come in multiple varieties including deli, chicken, grilled, and vegetarian. Try one today!