Almost every Saturday at noon, Dave Tive and Amy Putnam can be found feasting on tabbooli and grape leaves salad, fatoosh, Baba Ghannouji, lentil soup, chicken sumac, gyros, falafel balls, and other Mediterranean delights in a bright, airy, New York City-style deli in Susquehanna Township. “We make a conscious effort to eat healthy,” said Putnam,

Sami Saba used to look out the order window of his food businesses and keep an eye on those waiting for shish kebab, a falafel sandwich, or hummus. He knew most customers by name, and by their favorite meal. “There would be a crazy line,” said his son, Sami of Randolph. “He would scan the

Shehab Saba knows that most Americans think of car bombs and carnage when they picture his native Lebanon and its capital city of Beirut. But he is single-handedly working to change that perception, one falafel at a time. As the owner of Shab’s Lebanese Restaurant, located in the corner of a quiet strip mall on