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NOTE: Total calories are listed in red with each item (unless noted).

Shab’s Value Meals

Served with soup or salad and a drink.

#1. Classic Gyro  8.18
#2. Chicken Gyro  8.18
#3. Chicken Ranch  8.18
#4. Chicken BBQ  8.18
#5. Turkey Stroller  8.18
#6. Homous Stroller  8.18
#7. Falafel Stroller  8.18
#8. Baba Stroller  8.18
#9. Greek Vegetarian  8.18

*Any Stroller can be made into a Value Meal



Served on a bed of fresh, crisp, cold lettuce.

Greek Salad  6.78
Imported feta cheese, chunks of tomatoes, olives, slices of fresh cucumber. Served with Shab’s house dressing. Only 188 calories.

Mediterranean Salad (Fatoosh)  6.78
Chunks of tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, chopped onions, chopped parsley, lemon juice, vegetable, olive oil. Served on a bed of lettuce. Extremely nutritious. Only 142 calories.

The 300 Calorie Delight  8.65
Slices of grilled chicken breast, served on top of a Mediterranean salad, no feta cheese. Only 173 calories, 251 calories with feta.

Tabbooli (The Perfect Salad)  6.78
Tabbooli served on bed of lettuce, feta cheese. Only 200 calories.

Vegetarian Grape Leaves Salad  6.78
Grape leaves, served on a bed of lettuce, with Mediterranean salad. Only 266 calories.


Caesar Salads: Romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, caesar dressing.
Regular Caesar Salad. Only 184 calories.  6.78
Chicken Caesar Salad. Only 293 calories.  8.65

Garden Salads:
Regular Garden Salad. Only 93 calories.  6.78
Chicken Garden Salad. Only 202 calories.  8.65


Pita Strollers

All Pita Strollers served with lettuce and tomatoes.

Deli Pita Strollers

Roasted Turkey Stroller  6.78 Served with lettuce, tomatoes, provolone cheese, oil and vinegar or mayonnaise. Only 368 calories.

West Coast Stroller  6.78
Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, oil, vinegar. Only 395 calories.

Chicken Pita Strollers

Simply Grilled Chicken Stroller  6.78
Skinless chicken breast fillet, marinated, skewered and perfectly grilled. Your choice of *tahini sauce, cucumber sauce, BBQ sauce, creamy ranch sauce, caesar dressing or dijon dressing. Only 303 calories, excluding sauce.

Chicken Fajita  6.78
Sliced chicken, sautéed fresh green pepper, onion. Only 316 calories.

Grilled Pita Strollers

Classic Gyro Stroller  6.78
A lean blend of meat lightly seasoned, cooked to sear the outside so the juice and flavor are sealed inside. Served with cucumber sauce. Only 527 calories.

Vegetarian Pita Strollers

Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves  6.78
Rice, parsley, tomatoes, lemon juice, mixed together with seasoning, rolled in fresh grape leaves and cooked. Only 378 calories.

Falafel (Vegetarian Burger)  5.84
Fava beans, chickpeas, fresh parsley, garlic, allspice. All ground together, formed into patties, then cooked. Served with lettuce, tomatoes, *tahini sauce. Only 360 calories.

Baba Ghannouj (Eggplant Spread)  5.84
Eggplant blended with garlic, tahini, lemon juice. Only 245 calories.

Hommous (Chickpeas Spread)  5.84
A blend of chickpeas, garlic, tahini, lemon juice.  Only 365 calories.

Tabbooli (The Perfect Salad)  5.84
A mix of chopped fresh parsley, tomatoes, onions, cracked wheat, lemon juice, vegetable, olive oil. Delicious and extremely nutritious. Only 222 calories.

Greek Vegetarian Pita Stroller  5.84
A healthful gourmet Greek salad garnished with feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, tzatziki sauce.  Only 280 calories.



All Grilled Platters are served on a plate with Shab’s Rice, Nellie’s Rice, or Rice Pilaf and your choice of Green Bean Stew, Mediterranean or Tabbooli Salad and bread on the side.

Vegetarian Platters

Mazza Platter  9.11
Hommous, baba ghannouj, tabbooli, fatoosh Mediterranean salad, 1 falafel ball, 1 grape leaf. Pita bread on the side. Only 580 calories.

Moujadra (Nellie’s Rice) Platter  6.78
Rice, lentils, sautéed onions and seasoning mixed together, simmered to perfection. Served with Mediterranean salad. Only 232 calories.


Grilled Platters

Classic Gyro Platter Only 586 calories.  8.65

Chicken Gyro Platter Only 383 calories.  8.65


Wall of Fame

Some of our frequent customers have helped us create some of our most popular meal combinations. To honor these special members of Shab’s “family,” we’ve named these specials after them. Try one today! Create your own amazing combination, and who knows? You might be our next addition to Shab’s Wall of Fame!

Lona Special 7.28
Nellie’s rice, Mediterranean Salad, Feta Cheese, Hot Sauce

Amy Special (#2) 4.67
Side order tabbooli, one falafel ball

Amy Special (#1) 6.78
Nellie’s Rice with Mediterranean Salad with Pickles, Onions and Hot Sauce

Tim Wiest Special 10.04
Chicken, Hommous, Tabbooli with Hot Sauce

Tim Special (#2) 8.42
Mediterranean Salad with Hommous and Feta

Tom and Jerry Special 9.11
Mediterranean and Tabbooli with Feta, Gyro Meat, and Tzatziki Sauce and Hot Sauce

Sharon Special 10.74
Tabbooli Salad with Feta, Hommous, and Chicken

Steve Special 10.74
Tabbooli Salad with Feta, Hommous, and Chicken

Fab Special 13.50 
Mediterranean and Tabbooli with Feta, and 2 Chicken Skewers

Blondie Special 9.11
Tabbooli with Feta and Chicken.

Dr. Saack’s Special 10.04
Mediterranean Salad with Feta, Hommous, and Baba

Shorty Special 6.25
Side Order of Tabbooli with Chicken

Dave Special 8.42
Chicken and Baba Rolled up in Pita Bread

Mr. Hoffman Special 9.12
Falafel, Baba, Tabbooli rolled up in Pita Bread

Neil Special 10.04
Combination of Mediterranean and Tabbooli Salads with Hommous

Dr. Boland Special 10.04
Gyro, Hommous, and Tabbooli Rolled Up in Pita

Paul Special 6.78
Rice Pilaf with Mediterranean Salad and Hot Sauce

Mike Special 7.48
Falafel and Tabbooli Rolled Up in Pita



Hommous. Only 350 calories.  4.53

Baba Ghannouj. Only 151 calories.  4.53

One Falafel Ball. Only 144 calories.  1.17

One Grape Leaves. Only 61 calories.  1.17

Green Bean Stew 3.50
Green Beans cooked in a tomato sauce stew

Shab’s Rice 3.50
Rice cooked with ground beef and flavorful spices

Rice Pilaf. Only 338 calories.  3.36


Nellie’s Rice. Only 322 calories.  3.36

Create a new ecstasy & add baba ghannouj, hommous, tabbooli, or mediterranean salad to any stroller or salad for only $1.64.

Homemade Soups

Small Lentil Soup. Only 78 calories.  3.36


Large Lentil Soup. Only 117 calories.  3.74

Small Chicken Soup. Only 84 calories.  3.36

Large Chicken Soup. Only 126 calories.  3.74

Side Salads

No Feta Cheese. Only 62 calories.  3.50
With Feta Cheese. Only 92 calories.  3.74

No Feta Cheese. Only 32 calories.  3.50
With Feta Cheese. Only 62 calories.  3.74

*Tahini sauce is made out of butter of the sesame seed mixed with lemon juice, a touch of garlic and water.



Baklava Only 176 calories. 2.57


State sales tax not included in prices. Prices subject to change.